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Six Flags Over Texas

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The entire Six Flags Chain started in this one park, located in Arlington Texas.

Six Flags Over Texas was more of a storyland when it started. It mostly revolved around the history of Texas, and was a very interesting park. They sold Carriage Rides on antique Carriages, had actors everywhere, and it was an amazing experience, especially the France section, which was home to a pond where you were on a boat with the French Explorers, being raided by unhappy Natives!

However, the Park was bought off by a large company, and instantly started evolving. Although the Texas Theme remained, many new thrill rides opened up... The France Section was turned into a theater... But later, that disappeared.

Now, the park still has a few Texas themes, but is covered in a shell with Looney Toons everywhere. Warner Brothers Thrills and Texas History don't make a good combination I guess.

The rides are very good though. There is the Ozarka Splash, a ride which had its name bought by the Ozarka Water Company. It is a log ride that has existed for years in the park. On it you ride log carts through miniature Canals and get a big splash... As well as humping the person in front of you. Though this ride seems small, follow the same rules as you would on a Rollar Coaster and NEVER WEAR SUNGLASSES OR HATS!

La Vibora is a wonderful experience. It is a rollar coaster with no rails, just tubes and a cart with wheels on every side! A great thrill and the BEST way to start a trip to Six Flags.

Roaring Rapids is an Amazing ride where you ride in circular boats in a raging canal! This ride shows evidence of the reason so many people wear swimsuits... If you are a girl, remember not to where a white shirt. The last one I saw on the ride learned that the hard way.
Roaring Rapids has an Extremely small chance of malfunctioning an killing you now that new saftey features were added after a death in 1997. Also, there are new weight limits, because the woman who died was overweight... These two elements combined led to disaster.

The Runaway Mine Train is a fun ride where You get to ride around in "minecarts" in a death-defying ride! Remember not to raise your arms in the tunnels, they are extremely tight. Also remember to talk to the people in the Bar, and tell that lady at the table she looks like a man! There's also a Mini-Mine Train in case you are a tiny tot.

The Runaway Mountain is a prooven super G-Force Ride. It is completely enclosed and has some of the tightest turns of any rollar coaster in history, and the room is dark except for a few mysterious red lights. At a few points it excedes the G-Forces of the Space Shuttle for a few nanoseconds!!!

The Chute-Out is a giant Parachute ride. It's not a thrill, but the darn nicest view you could imagine.

Shockwave is a simple ride, yet a bit scary with its two loops. It's fun to watch people ride it from the Tower.

The Batman is the 2nd funnest ride in the park. Though it looks death-defying, it's very fun, has little G-Force On your mind, you get to stand up, and it's over all a great experience.

The Mr. Freeze is a nice ride... No, It's a CHILLING ride! You ride around on a huge coarse at 100 mph, Then travel STRAIGHT UP! You come to a stop and go backwards again. FREAKY!

The Train Ride (I don't know the real name) is an easy way to get around the park, and features a real narrow gage steam engine. One of its stops is near the Mr. Freeze... and the other...

...is at the Texas Giant! The Texas Giant is a Giant Wooden Rollar Coaster, Rated one of the Best! It rattles your head like mad. Be sure to meet the guy at the lookout point and yell at him, "You're NOT FUNNY!"

If you're searching for a superthrill, or a heart attack, go to the TITAN! It's a huge rollar coaster that drops you so high and so steep, the ride actually has to go underground to turn back up! Close your eyes on the drop... But keep them open after that! Don't ride in the back, the anticipation after hearing the screams of those ahead can kill you. The Titan has a Twin Sister named Goliath, which is in California.

But the best ride there is DIVE BOMB ALLEY. It is huge, and definately the most thrilling! Why? Imagine that you are hanging on a rope attached one end to your back, and the other to the top of the Gateway arch in Saint Louis. Now, there is another cord attached to you that is connected to a pulley on top of a giant building behind the Gateway Arch (I know there aren't any, just listen). Anyway, the pully retracts and pulls you up to the top of the building... Then they cut that rope and you are swinging under the Gateway arch!!!

That's Divebomb alley for you. The BEST ride in the park! Scary, but rewarding! You feel like you're flying. When I rode it, the audience below was very surprised that I hadn't screamed the whole time!

Now, the park is best to go to on a hot and sunny day before school is out in the area... That way you can avoid the huge crowds and lines. Wear a swimsuit if you are going to ride a wet ride, or if you are going to visit the Waterpark on the other side of the street. The people there are very nice.

Visit the Tower, because it is a spectacular sight... But you can get kicked out for spraying water off the tower...

The best section is the Boomtown Section (once CSA section, but that angered too many people), because it has the best access to the surrounding rides. The nicest section to take a seat in is the Spain Section, a quiet and nice place to get some Tex-Mex. The worst section is France, which no longer has any of its old glory, just the Runaway Mountain, A few stands, and some Bathrooms.

Personally, I wish they would bring back more of the Texas theme...

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Six Flags Over Texas

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