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changing eye colour

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I just wanted to know if it is possible for a person to have their eye colour continually changing, every time I look in the mirror my eyes are a different colour, I have been told it tends to change with my moods, does anyone know anything about this?

Thanks in advance.

changing eye colour

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Your perceived eye colour can depend on the lighting condition and also the blood supply to the eye, which changes with emotions, so yes it can change.
Hope this helps
SallyM smiley - smiley

changing eye colour

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I've noticed the same thing. I have light blue eyes and there are days when my eyes appear not quite green but certainly greenish blue. The first time I noticed this was about 12 years ago the morning after I had been partying hard at Uni. I hadn't been drinking and therefore did not have bloodshot eyes but I think something else that I may have (unwittingly - of course) inhaled had caused the effect. I no longer inhale anything other than clean air and have noticed that my eyes are no longer as blue as they used to be but are now more an aqua colour. Both of my parents have blue eyes and only one of my grandparents had brown eyes but hers were a very dark reddish brown and I think this is probably the cause. My husband has hazel eyes which sometimes appear yeallowish and sometimes green. I've done the chart and we have a 50:50 change of brown or blue eyed kids but it's a distinct possibility that they may have green eyes. I can't wait to find out!

changing eye colour

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the brown is in my eye all the time my childrens eyes one has blue and the other child has brownsmiley - biggrin

changing eye colour

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I'm the second daughter of five daughters, my father has brown eyes, my mother blue, I and two of my sisters have brown eyes, one sister has blue and the remaining sister has hazel. Don't know if it's covered elsewhere in h2g2 but does anyone know why babies have blue eyes when born but change to brown over the first few weeks of life rather than just being born with brown eyes?

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