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Dazza Oxford

I enjoyed this piece and have always enjoyed the films of Laurel and Hardy. My particular favourites are Way Out West and The Music Box, both have become classics and can gurantee to put life into perspective and brighten up even the darkest of days. It amazes me just how popular the great duo are, after all this time, but like good wine comedy ages into a finer vintage the longer that time elapses - and for me Stan and Ollie represent the finest of vintages,definitely a cheeky little number smiley - smiley

Stan and Ollie

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smiley - cheers

Stan and Ollie

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These are among my favourites too. Also many of the 20-minute "shorts" are almost a sort of concise art-form unto themselves, especially "Come Clean", "Below Zero" to name a few. Me and my brother and late father were always humongous, silly fanatics of this perfect team, and they will always be our friends. Also, Charlie Hall and Mae Busch, supporting actors in several of the films, represent an all too-brief characterisation of the tough-and-tender from the early 20th century. Used to go to "Sons of the Desert" movie marathons at places like The Scala cinema, oh for an all-nighter at the Scala. (Where are you Pete Ketley my long lost mate even though you're Arsenal!) Anyway, whoever I'm replying to it's been two years now so if you're still out there in Desertland, communicate! I've been on h2g2 for a month now and haven't cracked the art of getting any response from anyone, yet this site continues to fascinate. What a lonely world...
Later then
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