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I thought this was going to be about the other name game popular with largeish groups of drunken folk.

This one starts with everyone in a circle (round a table or two in the bar). Whoever had the bright idea to play starts the ball rolling by saying a famous person's name and a direction, eg Douglas Adams to my left. The person to their left then has to say a famous person that has a first name beginning with A, eg Alicia Silverstone. The next person to their left then comes up with a star with a first name beginning with S and so on and so on. Names with the same letter for first and last names cause the direction around the circle to be reversed, eg Silvetser Stallone would cause the person on the right to go next. One-name-wonders are not allowed (so Maddona is out, as is God).

There is no repetition allowed (drinking penalties result) and you have to drink your beer while you are thinking of a person so the game gets harder the longer you play it. This is usually accompanied by silly rules about pointing etc.

The game ends when everyone is too drunk to carry on or when they get bored and decide it was a cr*p idea in the first place.

I haven't played this one, good entry smiley - ok

smiley - cheers

smiley - puffk

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