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No doubt everyone is aware of "Kasparov vs The World", a game of chess being played over the next few months between Garry Kasparov (chess master and all-round smart guy) and The World (as represented by internet users when they momentarily tire from all the porn).
My understanding of chess is limited (although I DO know not to write songs about it...) but from what I have heard, so far The World has made some pretty stupid moves. Well I say, good for you, The World. If the planet was able to beat one guy it would be an illustration of the power of technology, globalisation and cooperation - something that we could frankly do without.
So I say, visit the website (www.zone.com/kasparov) and make the stupidest move possible; perhaps "you sunk my battleship" or "let's play something else". Only through combined stupidity can we show them who's boss.

Garry Garry he's our man

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Seven Crocodile Rain

This entry being 37 weeks old, can any one actually tell me who what that game? I got my money on Kasporov but I am curius

Alex v2.0

Garry Garry he's our man

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Kasparov won! Check out the url give by Slug above...


Garry Garry he's our man

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Just thought I'd mention that Kasparov will be playing a match in October against Vladimir Kramnik for the world title. Let's hope Vlad can win it and put some new blood at the top of the tree. Errr... yeah.
Still I don't know where I read it but some one described the world championship as a dour affair between two hatchet faced russians in a drafty hall in Moscow... so no change there then.

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