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  • Amnesty International who deserve everyone's support. If you don't feel you can write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience, why not give Amnesty some money instead? They ain't going to turn it down you know.
  • Sheffield United FC The all time greatest football team in Sheffield. And here is a page of SheffU songs for you to join in with any time you visit us at the Lanesmiley - biggrin
  • Sheffield Wednesday FC a more unfortunate team who may well have a stadium up for sale at the end of the season when they go bankrupt (assuming they last that long of coursesmiley - laugh)
  • The Socialist Alliance who are putting forward a reasonably coherent alternative to our current authoritarian government.
  • Or if the party aren't organising in your area, this lot at The Green Party will do. I had just this problem at the last election but I found my local Greens to be quite an acceptable substitute in the circumstances.
  • The "conservative" party. Go and tell Tony what you really think of him.
  • The Conservative Party. Go and have a good laugh at their expense.

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