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Med-school places

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My son has just (Dec '05) won a place at RFUCMC. It took him two years to get a place, notwithstanding he ticked all the boxes in terms of A-levels and experience. I say 'won' because my belief is that, on balance, luck has more to do with the process than merit.

I kept some stats on places at med-school and the number of applicants. My stats suggest that, on average, for every 10 well-qualified applicants there is only one place at a med-school in the UK. In some schools the ratio is over 20:1!

Med-school places

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I worked out the stats three years ago! Though the rest of the information remains true.

The stats are complicated by the fact that every medical student will apply to four different medical schools, so that there are four times as many applications as their are applicants.

If you look at the statisics in the Big UCAS book and the university prospectusus then it shows the numbers of applications per place. But each of those applications will belong to a student who has applied to three other insitutions.

I found the raw statisics from UCAS for 2001/2002 year and found the total number of applicants who applied for medicine and divided it by the total number of places available.

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