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I'm from Portland, and it's nice to see someone saying nice things about it. It is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest cities in the States. Hopefully it will continue to expand with the trees/nature in mind (i.e., instead of the suburbs developing into the now-quite-typical McMansion neighborhoods we see in other cities and parts of the country).


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I called up to Portland
on the public telephone
They said it sure is raining
in the state of Oregon.
smiley - fish


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Too late, the suburbs of portland continue to be landscaped to oblivion. If one goes out to one of the outerlaying Portland suburbs one will find a sea of suburban cevelopment plots. The rapid expansion of buissiness in the area is making one suburb indistinguishable from the others. Portland proper is pretty much confined to the peresent limits due to the enforced boundries of it's parks, therefore bussiness decides to bulldoze the suburbs, and create predictably landscapes "corperate parks". Downtown is going through a period of massive rennovation and reconstruction, old buildings are being replaced with gleaming towers of glass and steel in order to accommodate the massive office space requirements of big bussiness. We'll see where all this construction lands us.


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So what's Portland's plans for the Millenium ??? My Neice will be there for the New Year and to date has only experienced Edinburgh's "Hogmanay" celebrations, (crowds at the castle). Speaking of which, do you have "First Footing" (???) where the first person to cross your door after Midnight on Hogmany should be male, tall, dark and handsome & carrying a lump of coal, (don't ask), or (if that criteria's impossible) at least bringing a Carry-Out, (alcoholic beverage to add to the party spirits).

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