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lovely fish

I didn't learn about Roman history .What a pity!smiley - wah
But now I something about it. Thank you!smiley - ok
May I ask you a question?smiley - blush
There were how many rulers of the Roman Empire?

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Ooh, a lot!

My favourite web source for Roman imperial history is http://www.roman-emperors.org - it lists 144 individuals in total! That's from 31 BC to 395 AD and doesn't count when the Empire was partitioned into West (which eventually fell) and East (which became the Byzantine and then the Ottoman Empire).

I know very little about anyone after the Julio-Claudians, though.

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lovely fish

Thanks a lot!!!!smiley - biggrin

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Sho - employed again!

this is great, thanks for writing it!

I only know about Romans from what I picked up from I, Claudius (book and TV) and Claudius, the God (book) and the recent series Rome.

Certainly this has piqued my interest further.
smiley - applause

Enjoyed too~

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I haven't seen Rome, but I got onto the Julio-Claudians from watching and reading I, Claudius.

They could vie for a position as world's most dysfunctional family!

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