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Oranges and Lemons

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Having just read the research on the website about this nursery rhyme I am prompted to share with you the information I have acquired on the subject. I have just spent the last week in London researching this and here is what I have found. In the 14th centurary there was a peasents revolt and the then King impossed a curfew on London town. In those days it was a walled town and not the city we now know. The 12 verse version refers to the tolling of the bells across the town to alert the traders and worker that the gates would soon be closed. Anyone found wandering the street after curfew were considered to be traitors and subversives and so were arrested. Traitors in those days were always beheaded hence the last verse.

Oranges and Lemons

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Thanks for the info, although my research shows that the oldest recorded version does not go back that far. Where did you find that? If it's true it would be a good addition to the entry.

I've got some other entries about London, including the wall and the gates if you're interested - A2266832 & A2430235

Oranges and Lemons

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is there musci for this tune in print
thank you for your work

Oranges and Lemons

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It's my pleasure! Probably there is, you'll need a music shop and a book of nursery rhyme music I should think.

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