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Oranges and Lemons

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Pyramid of 'Oranges and Lemons'

So I repeat:

"Please note, the last three lines do not appear in the earliest recordings of this rhyme.

Oranges and lemons
Say the bells of St Clements
You owe me five farthings
Say the bells of St Martins
When will you pay me?
Say the bells of Old Bailey
When I grow rich
Say the bells of Shoreditch
When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney
I'm sure I don't know
Says the great bell at Bow

Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head
Chop chop chop chop the last man's head!"

OK, to do a bit of counting like Lewis Carroll did in his published works.

The words 'Oranges' has 7 letters and the word 'Lemons' 6 letters, so 6 + 7 is 13 and 6 x 7 is 42 (Adam's own) x 13 x 2 lots is 1092 the reference for the Great Pyramid.

Anyway there are 16 words in 'Oranges and Lemons'

And there are 12 lines of 60 words and 226 letters.

Remove the Oranges and Lemons and there are 210 letters in 11 lines.

And 210 x 210 + 16 x 16 x 10 is 666.0030 x 666.0030

And 91,575,000cu.ft x 8 is 11 lines x 66,600,000

More Oranges and Lemons

Whereas the full 15 lines has 86 words and 320 letters

And 320 words less the 16 words of the 'Oranges and Lemons' is 304 words

And 304 x 304 + 16 x 16 is 92,672

Now take away the 5 farthings from 92,672 so it is now 92,667

And 92,667,000 is made up of the 'Oranges and Lemons', the Great Pyramid at 1,092,000 and the Great Pyramid at 91,575,000cu.ft.

And all for the sake of 5 fathings its a pyramid of Oranges and Lemons



And 92,672,000 is made up of the Great Pyramid at 91,575,000cu.ft + the capstone at 9966cu.ft + 1,087,034.

And the speed of sound at sea level is 1087 feet per second.

So Oranges and Lemons represent the GP with capstone reveals not only the capstone, but the noise of all those bells ringing.

Oranges and Lemons

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I don't understand...

Oranges and Lemons

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You're not the only one. Thats a lot of words to count!!

smiley - monster

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