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Translation of three words?

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I am looking for a translation of the following three words urgently:

Dream ( - as in the dreams one has while asleep, but also hopefully the dreams one has for their life/aspirations - if one word can encompass all?)

Seek ( - as in explore, strive, quest)

Compose/ Create - (HOPEFULLY I can find one word that implies composing music, and creating fiction / writing.)

So far I think these are best:

Dream - Swefn

Seek - Asecan

I am stuck on the 'Create' 'Compose' word. Compose seems to imply arranging something which has already been written which isn't the meaning I want, and I can't find a word for create that applies to creating music / literature. smiley - wah

Also as for writing these properly in the appropriate calligraphy, am I right in thinking the capital 'S' of Swefn is still written the same? It's just lower case 's' that have a different symbol?

Any advice greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Translation of three words?

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lil ~ Auntie Giggles with added login ~ returned

Hi Gypsy,

Gnomon is currently on holiday for the next week or two. I hope you are not in a hurry for the answers, as he might not be within wifi range. smiley - smiley

lil x

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