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Not compulsary in Audax events...

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The wearing of helmets isn't compulsary in AUK (Audax UK), although most riders do. They tend to be more bound up in arguements about wether or not to use mudguards! Not too sure about the European Audax clubs.

I myself don't wear a helmet, as I find they can cause sweat to run into my eyes. I'm sure I could probably get round this if I really tried.

Good article.

Not compulsary in Audax events...

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I was told it was mandatory in French Audax events, but this may be misdirection - apologies if so. I don't ride Audax (just some very long day rides!).

Not compulsary in Audax events...

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You could be right, the European Audax Clubs are set up rather differently, and tend to be run more like races than the British equivalent.

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