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Little Big Thumb of the grand hor-ney wacking order

Thats crap, im from africa and it doesn't exist



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I'm afraid it dose although I'm not aware of any competitions played in Africa.


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Captain Kebab

First time I heard that Nepal was in Africa. smiley - erm


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You must be gutted after that incisive and cogent critique of your work, HD! smiley - laugh



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Devastated smiley - ermsmiley - winkeye


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Andrea Ortiz...used to want a coffeeshop...now I want a restaurant

To open:I would think that it would have been better for the person who started this thread to put a subject.

Anyway...there is such a thing as elephant polo...I just did a search and a article came up on it among the top ten links.


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Andrea Ortiz...used to want a coffeeshop...now I want a restaurant

I have looked at the site of the person who posted this thread...I would advise them to back their comments...do not take this as aggressive...it is just that out of the 3 comments posted only one had any merit or backing...the rest were rude and basically attacks.

Hope that this changes Big Thumbs postings...would seem that said person thinks well and should use space constructively,not for uproar


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