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Citroen BX article.

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Well what can I say??

Thanks for the laugh. Can't say I like BX's much, but unreliable??, thirsty?? That's laughable. My wifes BX returns the economy of between 35-43mpg out of a 1.9litre 8valve engine injected motor. Not bad for a 14year old car, but hey, it'll only done 240,000+km's. Paint falling off the plastic panels??? That's a laugh it's still hangin in there under our Australian sun ... (yes, we get sun here). As for hydraulics being unreliable ... I found an old 1963 brake fluid Citroen that had sat under a tree for years, put a battery in it, some fresh petrol & it fired up with working hydraulics. I Don't know who starts the horror stories about hydraulics. Obviously someone that's never owned/used a Citroen. :P

Like I said, I'm not a BX fan (a Citroen fan yes), our biggest problem is the dash falls to bits (and all the interior plastic items), other than that, reliability and comfort, and fuel economy are there biggest assets. (Let's not mention how incredibly fast the 16valve versions are).... The article appears to have been written by one of the brain washed lemmings out here ... Nothing, repeat nothing is more reliable, faster, more comfortable and economical that a Ford or GMH built car ...

This seems as ill informed as our local Journo's scribblings. The difference is out here the ONLY car that the Journo's seem to like is made by the (car) company that has the largest advertising contract with the magazine/paper.

Citroen BX article.

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Well, like they say in the ads, your mileage may vary. I know some people who got reasonable service out of BXs, some who got terrible grief, and many who had them as company cars and were delighted to see the back of them.

And anyway, who claimed that this Guide was accurate? "definitively inaccurate" is the best we can hope for smiley - smiley

Citroen BX article.

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Found this article when searching for information about my recent purchase of an '88 BX DTR. Citroens unreliable????, the one I am driving has done 236000 miles and runs like the day it came off the factory line. All spheres are ok, brakes MEGA-sharp. Gearbox is absolutely hopeless but apart from that, the car is in good condition (mechanically). Outside the bodywork is suffering from "tin-worm" and the bumper is cracked, but other than that everything is in order.
A fabulous car that definately does not deserve criticism of unreliability.

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