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Gorilla Snot

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Steve K.

I purchase a number of UK magazines on computer graphics and music, mostly from Future Publishing. One attraction is the included CD-ROM which has free software and other goodies. One attempt to package the CD with the magazine was to include a plastic jewel case and glue the whole affair to the cover of the magazine. The glue was a couple of rubbery strips of some translucent glop that had to be peeled off with a fingernail or something to avoid sticking the jewel case or the magazine to everything else. This glop was dubbed "gorilla snot", a term I consider inspired. smiley - yuk

Gorilla Snot

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Lonnytunes - Winter Is Here

Steve, I wish I'd known earlier about gorilla snot. I obviously didn't dig deep enough while researching the article. Perhaps h2g2's editorial staff will add a par when they chew over this thread tomorrow smiley - winkeye

Gorilla Snot

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I was wrong again, I thought, and told my children it was "Elephant Snot"

Gorilla Snot

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Steve K.

"Elephant Snot" works for me ... the stuff just didn't work very well, a lot of the magazines in the rack had no CD. The message on the magazine cover, where the CD was supposed to be (and smeared by some snot), was "No CD? Contact your news agent." Right. The CD needs to be in a small plastic envelope, probably best bound inside the magazine.

Looney - Don't be too hard on yourself, the "gorilla snot" term was created (snorted?) by some frustated digital musician in the US, I think, hard to imagine you or your editors finding it ... I mean, sure, you guys are wired in and all, but ... OK, maybe it was a UK musician ... or NZ, or ... never mind ... smiley - blush

Gorilla Snot

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TF - The New Fast Automatic F-Reek - Now in DTS

My Dear Mr Tunes,

So many potential puns, so little time...

What I like about you Loonytunes, is that you're not afraid to get your fingers dirty to bring us the facts, hard or otherwise.

With fingers firmly in nostrils, we salute you...

(any chance of a corresponding smiley I wonder)

F-Reeksmiley - monster

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