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Double-clutching, also known as the heel-toe downshift is a challenging, yet effective technique for both engine-braking, and maintaining constant power to the rear wheels. (you are driving a rear-wheel drive car, aren't you?)

Here is a nice article describing the heel-toe downshift. http://www.turnfast.com/tech_driving/driving_heeltoe.lasso

There a many other articles about heel-toe downshifting... if you don't like the article above, do a search from your favorite search engine.

In the description presented by TurnFast.com, they show the use of your right toe to operate the brake, and your right heel to "blip" the throttle. I prefer just the opposite.

I use my right heel to operate the brake and my right toe to "blip" the throttle. I can apply more force with my heel to the brake, and I have a better feel of the throttle.

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