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Researcher 241792

I have just started my music AS level and my teachers are already giving us complicated homework. I have to pick a peice of classical music to talk about in front of the class. I chose Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake (Allegro). I don't know what to say about it and I have to have it sorted by tuesday! Help!!!
Also I have a test on music theory on monday and all of my books have been ruined in a flood. I'm doomed



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Gnomon - time to move on

Is it fast or slow, loud or soft? DOes it stay the same the whole way through or does it change? What instruments is the piece played on? Is there one instrument that has a solo, or is it all played on all the instruments?

Do you know which part of Swan Lake, the ballet, this is intended to be music for?

Do you like it? Have you any idea why? Say what it is you like about the piece.

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