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OK what is the duration of a Moment?

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Mariners Lady

I enjoyed the comments on "How long is a Tick", how about a moment? I can't remember where I read it but I understood a "moment" to go back to the term Minuet and it is generally taken (though not supported by dictionary entries, they say a moment is an unspecified short interval of time)to infere an uncertain amount of time generally conforming to around 3 minutes, this because minuet is 3 quarter time, the 3 being the operative factor here. What do you (anyone in general) feel the length of a moment to be? We use the phrase "Could you hold a moment please" at my place of employment.

OK what is the duration of a Moment?

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A moment, as far as I remember, is an infinitly small amount of time.

OK what is the duration of a Moment?

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But longer than an instant??

So how long is a jiffy..."be back in a jiffy". Probably longer than a moment??

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