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In men, too!

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Yet another piece that seems to suggest that osteoporosis is a disease restricted to women. I'd just like to note that osteoporosis can affect men just as badly, though it is seldom one of the causes looked for when symptoms develop.

I know, for I am a 53-year old male, suffering from severe osteoporosis. So far this year I have had a broken rib and a spontaneous vertebral fracture.

I started complaining about aches and pains several years ago. All sorts of tests were carried out, all of which were negative. Just about the last thing that could be tested was bone density and this returned an alarming result -- I shan't give the medical figures returned, but the graph indicated a density equivalent to that expected of a 93-year old man with a bone density bordering on severely low for that age!

After being home for some time from my work, I was sent by my employer to a doctor for a medical control. She would not believe that I could have such osteoporosis, despite the hospital results and sent me on a further series of tests for other causes, all of which were, of course, negative. She then gave me a physical examination, during which she broke one of my ribs! (A different one to the one broken this year.) Shortly after that I was placed on invalidity pension.

I now visit the hospital on a monthly basis in order to have a medicine called BoneFos delivered by drip (I could take tablets, but these upset me too much). After such a visit I can usually expect two to three days headache. In addition, I take high-dosage calcium tablets, various other medicines and pain-killers (which are just about ineffective for a vertebral fracture!). I have to wear a strong corset to support my back when travelling, as well as a neck support (there are holes in the vertebrae of my neck); these effectively prevent me from driving, of course.

Please, any men who have unexplainable aches and pains, insist on having a bone density test as soon as possible. If it proves negative, so much the better, but don't let yourself get into my condition -- it really is not pleasant!

In men, too!

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I'm not really here

I'm sorry that you thought my entry was suggesting that osteoporosis is a disease that affects only women. If you read the opening sentence, it does say that there are four types, but the entry only deals with one. It was originally written for a 'womens health' project, and it likely to be something I have to face a few years in the future. My Grandmother, Mother and Aunt all have it. I'm not far off my mid 30s, which is the time I will be able to be diagnosed.

I hope you manage to work out a treatment that you can get along with better. I've seen my Gran in a great deal of pain, and she broke a rib a few years ago that has never healed, so I fully sympathise with what you are going through.

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