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Ok - ive unravelled the mystery behind the creation of Adam - what do I do now? Who should I tell? Is there any theories behind the creation of Adam, I read the one about the brain but thats not it.

Please advise

Its astoundingsmiley - smiley but simple.....

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ok theres the brain theory - and yes I believe it is correct, but it is only there I reckon as a guide, a statement - THINK!

If that, the more obvious part of the secret behind the painting remained hidden for about 500 years then why is it so hard to believe that there are other hidden ideas held within.

My duscovery makes perfect sense, the timelines are all correct. There is one other astounding factor, Michelangelo is not the only artist to use what I have found, in fact I believe he copied it from his master, Botticelli, Da Vinci himself used it.

I have recreated 3 works of art, The creation of Adam, The last Supper and The birth of Venus, there is another later Botticelli - The Callumny that uses the technique.

How do I go about publishing these findings? Ive contacted art galleries around Dundee but no-one is interested, granted I have been a bit guarded with the subject matter.

What should I do?

Should I just write to a newspaper?

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If you mail a copy of your theory to yourself, and don't open it, then the sealed envelope with postmark will be proof that you had the idea on or before that date. Then you can show it to someone, maybe an Art History professor at a university, and perhaps you can tell them more details, and they can advise you further.

Just a suggestion.

smiley - cheers

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have now published findings onto the internet, feel free to have a look;


the animations are funky

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Michelangelo can also be considered to have demonstrated brain evolution.

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Above, reference #2, refering to God's unclothed bottom as humor or a puzzle can be seen more clearly as an anatomical portion of a primitive brain, the tectum, composed of the inferior and superior colliculi (for example, the optic lobes of the frog brain look almost exactly the same at the depiction in this fresco).

For a more complete discussion of brain depictions in Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresoes and their implications, see:

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