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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - wow
That's using the old noggin!
Thanks for refreshing my perspectives on what had become a much abused and all too common visual cliche.
I can even see the spark now.


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Metal Chicken

Excellent article!
And with one of those strange strikes of synchronicity, Melvyn Bragg and friends were chatting about the history of anatomy on the radio this morning. It was only really in the Renaisance that people started studying human anatomy properly - after ages of the whole idea of cutting up bodies being considered heresy. Until that time it was supposed that all mammals would have similar internal organs and the prime text book, handed down from the Greeks was based on dissections of farmyard animals like pigs! No matter that once people started looking inside human bodies the organs were clearly different, the official pig-based ideas remained until people became brave enough to challenge orthodoxy.
So in that light it doesn't seem completely infeasible to me that Michealangelo was graphically depicting human neuro-anatomy in such a metaphorical way.
Thought-provoking read. Thank you for this smiley - smiley


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enjoyed your WoW comment posted a few hours ago, and not only wrote to say so, only a few short sentences ---but a mild but annoying problem with the computer resulted in the said letter being lost strayed OR erased!! the gist of the comments was that your information about the scholars of the renaissance added to the 'Mystery Article ...added interest...Good Stuff ! and while pondering on their
knowledge, and sense of humour one may also use the 'noggin' for flights of fancy and wonder how the generations to follow in the next eon or so will react to those things which entertain us....If perchance the 1st letter I wrote puts in an appearance ? please ignore it.

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