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ten time better

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although the lord of the rings is considered by many to be the greatest fantasy book of our time i found it average at best and tedious at worst.
i read on average on book every two days, ninety percent of these books are fantasy or fantasy related. this is not a book i would recommend to the new or even seasoned fantasy raeder.
the movie, on the other hand, is in my opinion a work of genius. the central problem with the book is that it is tedious long periods of time pass with nothing happening. the movie removes this problem and even develops the characters a little more than tolkien did in the book.
the movie is a work of art and i'm sure the entire series will be enjoyed for years to come. (the movie, not the book)

ten time better

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Sho - employed again!

at the risk of sounding patronising, have you thought of taking a little more time to read this one?

It does have vast swathes of seeming nothingness, but I think that havning finished the books these aren't so bad.

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