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The Jewel in the Crown

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I agree about the last episode it was pants!!! It just didn't continue from prevous episodes. I like to think that the crew was captured and what we saw were clones!

Seven would, I think, not have got together with Chakotay. It was disjointed and abrupt! There was another series in that!

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But I do like the detail about it!

The Jewel in the Crown

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smiley - wahShame I missed most of it, I only got to the part where Janeway states the presentaion and the girl asks her about Seven of Nine and she doesnt want to talk about itsmiley - sadface. But by the sounds of it, it sounds really crap!smiley - cool

The Jewel in the Crown

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I dunno what it's like to be a Uni Student...I Havent Left School!smiley - biggrin I spend ALL my time trying to watch Star Trek Voy and TNG for free online but i cant find any hosters...smiley - wahDoes anyone know any?

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