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No evidence of a Satanic conspiracy has ever been found. What we have instead is sound evidence of a number of independent groups who have commited the above listed acts who practice some form of demonolatry(worship of evil spirits). For one not every case of ritual abuse is remembered under the extremely unreliable means of hypnotism.

In particular I'd point out the acts of certain serial killers(Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson both have expressed an interest in the darker aspects of the occult and more then one author has commented on ritual elements of the Jack the Ripper's murders) as well as the documented acts of specific groups. Two particular examples can be found that are well documented. One is a series of murders that occured in Matamoros Mexico. Thirteen ritually dismembered and killed bodies were found(the parts were in fact found in cauldrons dedicated to the deities of Palo Mayumbe(a more questionable branch of Santaria)) all killed as part of religious rituals(thirteen was only how many they found prior to giving up the search so there may very well be more). Also the infamour Papa Doc Duvalier rebellion in Haiti was a mixture of both conventional war fare and the use of black magic(its known for example that the army included a number of bokkors(voodoo black magicians) and zombis).

The groups exist still and continue to practice their crimes in secret(frankly the smartest of them aren't going to get caught a lot of places exist to hide bodies and homeless populations leave a convieniantly large population to take victims from that simply won't be missed as long as its done carefully) and will continue to do so. Its not as bad as the fundamentalists might think but it does exist.

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