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Martin Harper

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> "But then, some of these people believe that wine can be turned in to the blood of Christ (_transubstantiation_)"

Sentence has no full stop, has 'in to' instead of 'into'. Also, putting the link in brackets that way is clumsy, and I'm not sure the link adds anything to the entry. Is transubstantiation really relevant to SRA? Will anyone care?

Looking at it again, I reckon that the second and third paras in the 'history' section could be usefully merged into a single para.

Overall, good job smiley - smiley I'm not convinced that this was one of my best entries, and you've shaped it up nicely - cheers! smiley - cheers

Blame the sub-ed...

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Oi - don't blame me - I didn't think of transubstantiation, and I try not to... smiley - winkeye

Blame the sub-ed...

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World Service Memoryshare team

Lucinda, it was us! Sorry J'au-æmne. Sam put in that full stop and closed up that gap, when you let us know about it in Editorial Feedback. He also beautified the layout of transubstantiation. Thanks for pointing them out. We mentioned the subject for clarification, because in your original you said 'But then, these people believe in turning perfectly drinkable alcohol into blood, so perhaps that isn't surprising.' which is not actually the case, so we linked to the article on transubstantiation rather than approach that theological minefield ourselves.


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Martin Harper

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'beautified' smiley - laugh

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