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ghost sightings on the underground

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Hi Daniel here last posting mine as well and there are tunnels that run under london as my friends work doing the roads and they say that are tunnels that run under by the britsh musesum and that are disused
there tunnels that might not even know about under london wow what history that holds

But I am intresed If any body could mail back about the sightings or information about this things

Co [email protected] please many thanks

Would any body know about the sighting of Winston Church hills ghost round

Charring cross station I know of some some sightings of this As I believe there is underground tunnel that leads some where near downing street area . that is disused to this day .

Also is there a burial ground around the area of Elephant and Castle ??
I have heard of the last bakerloo North bound train that leaves the station you can Victims of the plauge screeming and moaning I have heard them myself to this day
Very haunting But interested in this as I used to vist friends of family in the area And there family line Stems from the old miners and under ground workers ...

But I was told as a child never to play round by stead st area as there used to be an old church But victims of the plauge were burried there I believe this to be but need but more research is needed on this please would any body be able to give me more of a history to the elephant castle area please

What is also known as the run away train ?? I have heard an expression but this was in the Camden area on the golders green line . Some information on this sighting would be useful Please

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ghost sightings on the underground

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