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Researcher 219475

My son started a paper round 2 weeks ago

he does Mon - to Frida 06.00 am start - is home by 07.15/07.30


Sat and sun where he actually does 2 paper rounds per day ( I assume because there are too many papers to deliver in the first go, he needs to return for the rest of the papers)

he earns £10 for this (although the shop keeper gave him £11 this week)

If anyone would know - Is this a fair wage?

paper Rounds

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The Anonymous Researcher

Yeah, that sound OK, how many papers does he deliver?

paper Rounds

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i dunno i think it depends on the area you live in because i do my 275 papers once a week and get 15 pound a week and my mate does the same and only gets 7.50 and there both the sort of papersmiley - erm

paper Rounds

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where can you start to do paper rounds because wheree ever i go they dont deliver paper or they already have someone doing that which is a rubbish because i need a job.


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hello my name is jasmine and i no for a fact that it is not a fair wage he is workin 24/7 and only getting £11 he should get about £22 but then i dont do a paper round so good luck x


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Paper rounds tend to be very badly paid, but I remember it being very handy when I was a kid!

Welcome to h2g2, Jasmine. *waves*

smiley - fairy

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