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Researcher 198630

I delived around 36 to 40 papers a week. It takes me an hour every day and about 1 and a half hours to 2 hours. On a sunday it takes me about an hour to an hour and a half. I only get paid £14.00!! The paper shop has also increased the delivery charge and i have not had a pay rise!!!!!!!!!

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The Anonymous Researcher

dosen't surprise me in the least. i'll be quitting my round within the month.

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well i get paid for delivering 275 papers ( 5 streets) 15 pound a week and i only do it once a week and i get a pay rise every week you should do a weekly newspaper round that you only have to do it once you'll find you get more money smiley - smiley

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well girls, i do two paper-round all week and i get £25 beat that!!!!smiley - tongueoutsmiley - tongueout

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my shop stopped delivering newspapers, so i started doing it myself. I deliver 500 papers + (with the help of some friends) and the whole thing makes a £50 weekly profitsmiley - magic

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I know that 500 papers is a lot to deliver at least you have friends that help you out my brother helps me and i sometimes let him carry my shoulder bag

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i want a paper round in my area {ramsgate} or {brodstairs}

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philip Green

where could i get a paper round in runcorn in the uk reply people please smiley - sadface

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