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Thank you.....

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jofrog 53

Dispite living very close to Rochester,
and having visted the castle several
times,I knew very little of its history.
I know a lot more now! thanks.

Thank you.....

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Glad you liked it. I was born in Rochester (Marley Way) and my Grandfather (from Gillingham) used to take me to the castle all the time. I have been attached to it ever since.

Incidentally, I took the liberty of looking round your Space - I used to run a pub to, and briefly worked at the Park Gate at Leeds Castle!

Thank you.....

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jofrog 53

Now thats a place Ive not been too,
daft 'ant it you live right on top
of places,but never get round going
to them!

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Chris Fribbins

Excellent article.

I thought you might want to know what discussions have taken place in the last decade regarding the castle. As a former Rochester City Councillor, I was on a committee discussing the possibility of putting a roof back onto the keep (it was destroyed by fire in the 50's I think). The main spine wall in the centre of the keep had no supporting structure and there was a real concern that it might collapse some day. English Heritage were split on what sort of roof could be put on (glass or something like it was previosly) and the affect it would have - As moisture had got into the stone work it would start to dry out and the moisture would make the keep like a greenhouse and this could badly affect the other structures. This was due to cost £250,000+ (at late 1980s prices) but as nobody could agree no action was taken.

The ownership was transferred from the City Corporation to (National Trust/Heritage?) but has since been transferred back to Rochester-Upon-Medway City Council to manage - now part of Medway Unitary Council.


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Thankyou, this was very interesting. I had no idea about the 1950's fire, nor the problems with the cross wall. I should really have known about the National Trust thing, that was rather sloppy of me! However, the Medway Unitary Trust is new to me: my family left the area in 1980 when I was very small.

I had wondered about how long some of these old castles could remain standing. I do hope they sort something out with Rochester, it is a place of which I am very very fond.

Would the cross wall and keep proper not be self supporting? Just a thought.

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