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Uncle Ghengis

Hmm. Pastry !

Each kind of pie has it's own 'ideal' kind of pastry.
The standard is of course shortcrust pastry, although that nasty 'flaky' pastry is all too common. Personally I'd like to see more (savoury) pies with SUETCRUST pastry. I expect it's fattier, but it has a lovely texture. And then there's filo pastry and even choux-pastry (although you wouldn't use that for a pie)

And then there are those pies that use some other substance instead like potato (sliced or mashed) or pies with bottoms made of crushed biscuit. Are they even pies ??? What do you think ?


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or even hot water pasty pork pies.

me I think puff pastry on a steak pie is totally wrong or any pie for that matter, puff pastry should be for apple turnovers only smiley - winkeye


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I say anything that has:

a) a crust and

2) a filling

is a pie!

I have a really good shortcrust pastry recipe.

In American measurement terms it's:

2 cups flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
2/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening, lard, or butter
4-5 tablespoons ice cold water

Mix the flour, salt, and sugar together with a fork. Add the butter/shortening/lard in small chunks and mix with a pastry blender until it has a clumpy meal-like texture. Sorry I can't come up with a better description. All I know is leave some of the butter chunks whole--it will make a flakier pie crust!! Add the water in small amounts until the mixture just comes together. Be careful because you may not have to use all the water. If you do, and it is too gooey, just add more flour until it becomes workable again. Use with any of your favorite fillings. If you use this recipe for a savory filling, omit the sugar.


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shortcrust pastry to me has always been half fat to flour preerfable half butter half lard and then enugh water to make it stickey enough

A tip

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Athena, Muse of Philosophy -1+7+9*(3+0!)+0=42

Here is a tip for decorating. Not exactly a reciepe, but fun never the less.

Get one of those pie stampers. (Red plastic ones are my favorites). They look a lot like big pie sized circles with many cookie cutter holes in them. Some times it will be some stars, or some valentine hearts, or even a message! Then when you have your top layer of crust rolled, use the pie cutter on it. The result will be a pie with neat shapes cut into the crust. They also work as the steam holes, but look a lot nicer than fork marks! If you don't have/can't find a pie cutter, use a cookie cutter or two in the same manner. It gives the pie a very unique look.

smiley - cheers

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I probably should add that my recipe was for a two-crust 9 inch pie.

Sorry. smiley - biggrin

A tip

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Once again, its me smiley - blush

I keep forgetting to add things to that recipe...

General tips on working with pastry: Refrigerate any pastry after mixing it for at least 20 minutes. It will prevent the butter or fat from melting (thus making the pastry less flaky) and will make it easier to work with. Flour the surface you will roll it on and lightly dust your hands and the rolling pin with flour. Always roll from the center of the dough to avoid making the edges too thin and easier to crack or crumble away. Also, learn to work quickly. This will prevent the body heat emanating from your hands from, again, melting the fats or making the pastry sticky. To transfer the rolled-out dough from the kitchen countertop or table top without breaking or cracking fold the dough in half and then fold it again using a flat pastry knife or thin spatula. Lift the folded pastry into your pie plate and unfold.

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