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Dinosaur are real!

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Professor Sarah Bellum

This is a very interesting entry. I just thought I'd tell you what I learned about dinosaur from the IOW.
When I was very much younger (more than 20 years ago), my family used to take a two week holiday on the IOW every year. I enjoy getting two weeks off school but I also enjoyed visiting Black Gang Chine and especially dinosaur world. I remember looking at a dinosaur model one day - I think it was a stegasaurous but I may be wrong since this was a long time ago. My mother was reading the information that came with it that mentioned that particualy dinosaur had been found on the IOW. This was the first time that I actually found out the dinosaur were real creatures that once graced this planet and not the same as all the other fictional monsters I had heard about in children's stories.
I think the effect was the same on my mother although I now find that hard to bealive. All I can go on is by what I "remember" her saying which I can't remember but it goes along the lines of what I've just described.

I haven't been to the IOW was many years now (some where in the region on ten) but I must go back.
One other thing is my mother knew a guy who had dug up some dinosaur bones and I went to see him. Many years later my sister became friends with his daughter. I don't remember if he actually had to bones although I may remember seeing some. This memory is VERY poorly lit. I must see if I could see him again.

I think the interest in dinosaur must have increased when Jurassic Park and the Flintstones came out, not to mention Walking With Dinosaurs. I do remember a Land of the Giants, Walking with Dinosaurs special they did. They had the presented travelling back to a time when they had the biggest dinosaurs - my spelling it going to be very bad now and I hope you know which beast I'm talking about. He flew a glider with terrorsaurs, put scales in the path of argentinasauras and was chassed in his jeep by gigonotasaurs. Please correct my spellings if you know which I'm talking about.

I'll read you other enteries during the week.

Dinosaur are real!

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You'll be pleased to know the dinosaurs are still there.

I don't have the "Walking With Dinosaurs: Land Of The Giants" special as they never released it on its own on DVD that I saw, only as part of a pack with "The Ballad of Big Al", which I already owned, so I never bought it, alas...


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