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The Frog and Frigate Pub, Canute Road, Southampton, UK

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Dancing on the tables with sawdust on the floor

Fancy a tipple, m'lord?
The Frog is not something that you can just describe... It's a life experience.
- Áine (a Frog and Frigate patron)

The Frog & Frigate public house has to be one of the most unique drinking establishments in Southampton... if not the south of England.

From the outside, it looks like a very small, grubby little pub, which someone has given a quick lick of paint to make it look respectable. Once inside, upon seeing the sawdust on the floor and the 'rustic' ambience, the uninformed usually thinks, 'What a dump!' or 'Am I going to get mugged here?'

Go down there during the week and you'll be lucky to see more than three people (and perhaps if you're really lucky, a small dog). The weekend however, is a completely different matter...

On an average Friday or Saturday night the pub usually sees up to a couple of hundred people at any one time. People are laughing, dancing (some on the tables1), and singing along, usually packed in shoulder to shoulder. Once there are enough people, the doorstaff usually open the upstairs bar, which is where you go to cool off from the veritable sauna downstairs.

There is usually a guy2 on the tiny little stage playing various tunes on guitar, often with completely inaccurate (and obscene) lyrics (including variations on the songs 'Daydream Believer', 'Then He Kissed Me', 'Make Me Smile', 'You're Beautiful and You're Mine', 'The Yellow Submarine' and so on), which all the regulars will sing along to and frequently know all the accompanying hand actions...

Drinks-wise, the Frog serves a good variety ranging from the usual draught lager, bitter and spirits to the ever increasing range of bottled 'Alcopop'-type drinks. If you're feeling particularly suicidal, you could try a 'GreenDemon' - a rather lethal concoction of spirits and possibly liquidised amphibian served in a pint glass. And yes, it's green.

They also serve food once the upstairs part has been opened up. Hamburgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers and chips. Best of all, the food tends to be reasonably priced. Well, at least it's cheaper than the dubious kebab that you'd normally purchase from the armour plated fast food van while staggering home afterwards.

Disco Inferno!

The Frog & Frigate also throws some of the best costume parties in the city, for Halloween, New Year, as well as several other events throughout the year and Derek normally forks out for some prizes for the best costumes. 'Characters' that have been spotted at the Frog include Boba Fett, Scantily Clad Nurses, Yoda, Braveheart, Two Face, The Blues Brothers, Lara Croft (both male and female versions), that Green Karaoke singing demon from Angel, various other really scary cross dressing examples, a guy in a suit with jelly on his face, knights in armour, not to mention all the vile and horrible things that turn up on Halloween.

The Frog & Frigate has a late licence, so is usually open until about 2am, although you may have to pay to get in if you get there too late (after 11-ish)

It's situated in Canute Road, just opposite of Ocean Village. To find the place, either ask someone, or you could try here for a map. There is also an official Frog & Frigate webpage.

The Frog & Frigate is a very friendly pub with a unique atmosphere; it doesn't matter who you are, what you do, or where you come from - you're always welcome.

1This Researcher's personal best is 15 people on one table, although the doorstaff usually get a bit upset at this.2At the time of writing, this is Derek; he owns the place. Rest assured, however, that his singing does appear to improve with alcohol (be that alcohol that you drink, or he drinks - the effect is much the same).

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