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Greeks didn't invent democracy...

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they just called it that. Just like the Spaniards didn't invent America. That's just what they called it. Americans were free before there were Americans believe it or not. Now that there are Americans... you gotta wonder if they're free or not.

Governments were invented by big tribes to oppress little tribes. Pretty soon the governments ended up oppressing all tribes except the trading companies who financed the governments. Now the governments pay interest on the debt to the trading companies who are now called multinational corporations. So everyone's in debt to everyone else and nobody knows where all the money went or they won't say.

Greeks didn't invent democracy...

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The Futurist

This is actually very accurate. While very concise.

Greeks didn't invent democracy...

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Someone You Know(GrandHighMaster Of All Things Unsanitary And In Need Of A Good Clean Before The Neighbours Come Round)

Hell yes.
And I'm back, spread the word.

Greeks didn't invent democracy...

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Strike the Multinational Corporation bit and you have a basic summary of Albert Noch's "Our Enemy, the State".

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