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Bolognese or not...

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Great entry, well-written and I found out lots of things I didn't know. One small nit-picking point - my girlfriend, who comes from Italy (Camponogara, in the flatlands near Venice), maintains that so-called Bolognese sauce is a common myth and doesn't exist in Italy. If you ask for it in a restuarant in Italy, they'll look at you funny and not know what you're talking about. What we, the rest of the world, know as Bolognese sauce is apparently just known as ragu in Italy. The ragu varies depending on the region you're in, and can contain fish rather than minced meat if you're near the coast, and so on.

Although she does say that many types of Italian food WERE invented in Bologna. I think cannelloni were among them, but I'd have to check.

Bolognese or not...

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Strange... In Southern Italy, we call rag├╣ the sauce made with pieces of meat - usually pork or beef or whole pork sausages - swimming in tomato sauce; salsa alla bolognese is prepared instead with ground meat - usually beef - with tomato sauce in the South, without tomato sauce in the North.

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