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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Subject: Theory of the balance:COSMIC POT
Cosmology Scientists should
search with OPEN MIND OM
The subject of COSMOLOGY is a borderland between the Sciences and
Philosophy. This subject attracts all mankind in search of direction to
provide Unity in many diversified fields. Is there a higher dimension of
Science in Myths and Philosophies?. Can VEDAS provide more light for the
Scientists start search from the Laboratories, then extend the domains of
knowledge through Hubble Space Telescopes, X-Ray Astronomy, Explorers,
Satellites and new probing missions towards Milky Way Galaxy. Our Galactic
Home is 100,000 Light Years wide and Science can reach up to Laser limits
of 1016 LY. A number of Scientists project Dark matter and Black-holes as
ultimate aim while others look at the Universe with a New VISION:
99.99 % of the Universe by volume is a SEA OF PLASMA. PLASMA is the fourth
state of matter. Equally interesting is that ELECTRO-MAGNETIC
FIELDS are 10^40 times stronger than the Gravitational fields. The COSMOS
is dominated by Plasmas and Electro-magnetic Fields and new models are
contemplated for COSMOLOGY studies with the SPACE dominated by
Field-aligned Currents. Even the EARTH is surrounded by 3 VAN-ALLEN BELTS.
VEDAS provide flow of knowledge as dictation and Sciences of Vedic
Knowledge should project Comprehension of the entire COSMOLOGY.
Knowledge expands beyond Galaxies. The COSMIC UNIVERSE is not Dark matter
or Chaos but a COSMOS of Shining Lights and Cosmic Energy beyond.
Essentially, there is no field of SCIENCE or even TECHNOLOGY not connected
to COSMOLOGY. In order to benefit both Philosophers and Scientists, an
interacting Center along with regular Seminars and Work shops are planned
to bridge the Communication gaps. Science needs to expand to the next
multi-dimensional knowledge.
through this interaction useful for Research Scientists..
CONTACT Dr Vidyardhi nanduri


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Vidyardhi Nanduri


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.


News letter Vol : No. 3 October 1996


New Projections on the Philosophy of the Cosmic + Plasma Universe – Science beyond by Vidyardhi Nanduri, consultant, Hyderabad, India

The subject of Cosmic Plasma Universe attracts Scientists, Philosophers and all mankind. The Science of philosophy-a borderland for cosmology helps to unravel the mysterious nature, process and formations observed as cosmic structures in the Universe.

The dynamic phenomena of cosmic Plasma Universe, i.e. the effect of Plasma on dark matter need to be oriented with a new vision. The Universe is a sea of Plasma with charged particles, flows, high magnitude currents and intense Electro – magnetic fields that form a reflecting universe towards sources, flows, fields and interactions. This vision provided by data from Hubble Telescope, Explorers, Satellites and many probing missions should extend the vision from solar-galactic/ inter-galactic regions to the borders of laser distances covering 1016LY. The core concept of cosmic source, cosmic flows and regulated cosmic fields need to be segregated from the near-environment observations of Laboratory Plasmas and Galactic Plasmas. Additionally wide field-universe data on matter-antimatter concepts should help neutral observation of the functions of (1) sources leading to cosmic source, (2) fields and reflections leading to cosmic fields, and (3) flows that make dynamic Universe vibrating towards core cosmic-plasma Universe. A three-tier approach becomes evident and one needs to add the dimensional aspects in comprehension and modeling.

The phenomenal observations by the author transcend the borders of some of the scientific fields: plasma science, laboratory to vacuum plasmas, electro-magnetic fields beyond gravity and interactions of human being as observer with vision towards astrophysics, i.e. Beyond galaxy to plasma universe. The probing mind needs to extend the vision beyond the known fields towards cosmic + Plasma Universe under electromagnetic, radiating and cosmic fields. New methods of processing like Double magnetic Vortex help cosmic-structure formations and distributions of galaxies, clusters and super clusters with direction for search towards cosmic sources, cosmic flows and comprehension of regulated electromagnetic field environment. The vision of scientific approach helps to solve the mysterious nature of cosmic plasma universe both for scientists and philosophers with knowledge expansion in dimensions, eg, entire-solar-plasma region needs to be looked upon as one-dimension. Thus science need to progress with dimensional vision and clear direction.


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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Cosmic Pot Energy: New Projections

Vidyardhi Nanduri
Cosmology Research Center, SYTE P/L, Vikaspuri, Hyderabad 500038, India.


The search for Total Energy Concept has the following functions to be satisfied: (1)Spiral Galactic forms, (2) Spherical Disk forms, and (3) Group junctions consisting of at least 12,24,48 or 96 with spirals and sphericals to help scale-up and (4) Neutral dynamic Double Magnetic Vortex Tube (DMVT) structure as a process beyond Galaxy for integration. The Cosmic Pot Energy is considered to be the drive to all the above functions through the extended concepts of (1) Source, (2) Fields, (3) Flows and (4) Reflectors in the Universe. The Cosmic Pot Energy in a float mode also helps to accommodate multiple Universe concepts in the Cosmos. This paper describes feasible methods to accommodate the present data through prediction and projection approach available in the detailed research reports by the author (1-3). The Universal Plasma Energy model by author (1991)(4) accommodates a source that governs a group of spiral and spherical galactic groups. Here, one may note that Plasma as flow occupies the shape of the body. Further, a process under DMVT (Double Magnetic Vortex Tube) helps the distribution of Energy between groups of galaxies. This model has been further developed through a research report on Plasma Vision of the Universe (1993) by the author. Integration of Plasmas and Electromagnetic fields helps to put forward Seven, Dual-mode seven, and eleven dimensional vision in the report on Vision of Cosmic to Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic (PREM) Universe by the author (1995) (2). A paper on Cosmology structures with new modeling has been presented recently (2003)(5).


1. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1993, Report- Plasma Vision of the Universe, TXU 729-718, © 1999, USA.
2. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1995, Report- Vision of Cosmic to Plasma Regulated Electro-Magnetic (PREM) Universe, TXU 893-693 © 1999, USA.
3. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 2000, Report-Cosmic Consciousness to Cosmology Revision, TXU 982-559 © 2000, USA.
4. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1991, in: Universal Plasma Energy Model, IEEE ICOPS
5. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 2003, Cosmology structures-New Modeling, Carnegie Observatories centennial Symposium-3, Groups of Clusters, Jan 2003 http://www.ociw.edu/ociw/symposia/series/symposium3/proceedings.html
6. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1993 plasma vision of the Universe: Shell structures for simulation of spiral forms-Session V, Space Plasmas, IEEE-ICOPS, Canada.
7. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1993 Plasma Vision-Novel Electrode structures for simulation of cylindrical and Spherical plasmas in the Universe, ibid, June 1993
8. Vidyardhi Nanduri, 1999, The Scientific essence of Cosmic Philosophy, TXU 982-556 (2000), USA
E-mail: [email protected]

(Research Paper presented at Space Telescope-Science Institute-Astrophysial Laboratory- Symposium May 5-8 th ,2003
Now avalable for Scientists)


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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Cosmology is a borderland between science and Philosophy
Cosmology deals with Multi-Universe concepts and the Universe as part of Cosmos.
Cosmology details Creation, stability and dissolution of the Universe or parts thereof.
Cosmology covers broad Prime drive functions and links :
1. Cosmology in Vedas 2.Cosmology in Philosophy 3.Science of Philosophy
4. Basic Philosophy
1. Basic Science 2. Philosophy of Science 3.Cosmogony-Astrophysics
4. Cosmology -Present Day under Revision
1.Nature 2.Divine Function in Nature 3. Divine Universe 4.Cosmos Divine

Key Words: Cosmology Definition, Cosmology Primer, Cosmology Drive,
Cosmology Science, cosmology Vedas, Cosmology Philosophy, Cosmology Nature,
Cosmic Divine Function, Cosmology interlinks, Cosmology Space Science,
Cosmology Knowledge Base, Knowledge Expansion, creation in the Universe,
Stability of the Universe , Dissolution of the part of the Universe
[Reproduced from -Heart of the Universe, Book by Vidyardhi Nanduri,
Nov 2006, Copy rights- USA]
Further reading:Cosmology Vedas Interlinks Books
Vidyardhi Nanduri


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Vidyardhi Nanduri

Sub: necessity-Demand curiosity-Sustain:
spirit of Science- Nature-philosophy-Cosmology -origins
Need to question misleading Concepts
Ref:Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'
Sub: Ignorance of Cosmic Function
Ignorance syndrome leads to fear psychology- an unfortunate trend among theoretical groups.smiley - smiley

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