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Freddy, Keeper Of The Word "fnar!". Back from the Underworld.

Have been helping out at the beloved fun fair a couple of week-ends recently and just wanted to add the following:

When people ask "where will the fireworks be?", it is customary for the staff to reply "in the sky".

Practically any venue in London is considered to be a bit of a "dodgy area".

The dogs at the fair *do* actually bite. Please don't tell the staff you think they're all soppy. If you're really *that* convinced about it, go ahead and try to pet them. Ensure your medical insurance is up to date. I got bitten in the leg recently (although it was a little yappy thing) and *I'm* staff!

In different areas, you begin to notice different fashions and traits. For example, in one place last year, all the women would wear "sporty spice" adidas tracksuit trousers, some kind of red puffer jacket and have pretty big hooped earings on. In this same place, all the young boys would have short (either light brown or ginger) hair and freckles, prompting you to think that either everyone was related or that there was one very promiscuous man around the town. Other delights include a part of London where it is an offence to not wear something by Tommy Hilfiger, and one place where Shell Suits were still at the height of fashion. The people of Reading, bless them, seem to have more than their fair share of gothics around.

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