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See the endless time illusion

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i don't thik that the univers is infinite, it has a time messure, but what is out side of it, is located in diferent dimensions,unfurtunaly we cannot see this other dimension form inside

See the endless time illusion

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As humans we are only able to preceve 4 dimentions of the universe. I am not exactly sure how many dimentions there happen to be but I can explain this. A four dimentional universe could posably be modled as a flat peice of paper(If the paper had infinite hight and width) while the actual universe is better represented as a balled up peice of paper(again with infinite hight and width). The trick to traveling extream distances is not moveing at a faster pace but to finding new ways around what appers to us to be a flat plain. I think the closest known term to what I am describing is "worm-hole", but that is not quite it. The problem is we just haven't advanced enough to actualy move through the dimentions we can't preceive. Still don't understand me? Take a paper, draw to points on the paper(system A and Sol), mesure the distance between the two points. Now, ball the paper up. You see? When you first mesured the distance between the points it was a good distance, but after you balled the paper the points were much closer then you thought. Just remember, the universe is not an exact place. In fact, compared to the protective world we box our selves in, the universe is caotic and ramdom. Even though it is part of human nature try not to continually clasify things into catagories and groups because that in the thickest wall used to contain the human mind into small areas in an atempt to keep "sain"...

please excuse my mispelling... thank you...

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See the endless time illusion

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