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Six degrees of Rupert

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant

Not that it matter a lot, but I have a "Six degrees of Rupert"
thread going on at my personal space.
"Rupert" was the name given to the period when
H2G2 was down, awaiting its resurrection by the BBC.

The links from Rupert to Kevin Bacon are as follows:

1. "Rupert" is the first name of actor Rupert Everett
2. Rupert Everett was in the film "Pret a Porter" (aka "Ready to wear"),
which also featured the actress Tracy Ullmann.
3. Tracy Ullmann had her own televsion show ("The Tracy Ullmann
Show"), which co-starred Julie Kavner
4. Julie Kavner was in the film "Hannah and her sisters,"
which also starred Daniel Stern.
5.Daniel Stern was in the film "Diner" with Kevin Bacon

Six degrees of Rupert

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Beautifully executed sequence. smiley - smiley

Six degrees of Rupert

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paulh, vaccinated against the Omigod Variant


I've never actually played the Kevin Bacon
board game, but I like the idea a lot smiley - smiley
I love the film "Six Degrees of Separation," too.

I think Rod Steiger is the actor who can be linked
to by the largest number of actors, owing to the
wide variety of genrres he's done. He even did
a musical ("Carousel").

Six degrees of Rupert

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Indeed. Kevin Bacon came 669th, when rated in terms of 'connectedness'. His average rating was worked out as just under 3 (steps to any actor). Rod Steiger's was closer to 2 because of the variety of films he's done, including; 38 dramas, 12 crime flicks, 12 comedies, 11 thrillers, 8 action films, 7 westerns, 6 war films, 4 documentaries, 3 horror films, 2 sci-fi's and a musical.

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