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Bernadette Lynn_ Home Educator

I just updated the links on this since the BBC links all seemed to be broken.

I was planning to go to the dentist about my wisdom teeth, but I'm not sure I will having read all the threads on here!

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Titania (gone for lunch)

Well... I've had two wisdom teeth removed. The first one was a piece of smiley - cake; quick, painless, no swelling, nada - the other was a bit more complicated. There's really no way of telling beforehand what it'll be like to have a wisdom tooth removed...

In my case, the alternative (had I chosen to keep my wisdom teeth) would have been to slowly watch all the other teeth in my nether jaw being pushed towards the front - in fact, one of my front teeth was already beginning to be squashed inwards between the teeth next to it, so I can imagine what a zig-zag line my row of teeth would have ended up as.

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