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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

Dead link in edited guide entry.

Otherwise, a great aricle, and articlish in the way H2G2 articles should be.


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Titania (gone for lunch)

Thank you MnnVint, I'll see if I can get it fixed!smiley - smiley


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Silly Willy

This is most strange

Essentially the code has a typo in it :

should be

The referenced entries bit has this correct, but the link in the text takes you to a "is this what you meant page"...

Hopefully Sam will fix this when he reads this thread tomorrow morning smiley - smiley

Sorry guys smiley - blush


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Titania (gone for lunch)

smiley - hug


Post 5


As was predicted, I tumbled out of bed to find this message and the problem's now fixed.smiley - smiley I'm off to comb my hair and get a cup of tea.

Sam.smiley - smiley


Post 6

Titania (gone for lunch)

Thanks!smiley - smiley

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