A Conversation for Cooking on a Camping Holiday

And if you like camping...

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Frankie Roberto

...why not come and stay at the h2g2 Campsite? - http://www.bbc.co.uk/h2g2/guide/A370487

And if you like camping...

Post 2

Santragenius V

Oooooh - virtual camping. Yes! The warm cosiness of sitting around the campfire, no cold feet, cocoa stays warm in the mug as well as beer stays cold.... smiley - smiley

(note to backlog readers: you don't *have to* jump over the fire - and backlogs *do* burn well)

Think I might pop over (though my kids probably will not accept that for a summer holiday smiley - tongueout)

smiley - star

And if you like camping...

Post 3

You can call me TC

Thank you for the invitation. I may come round and bring some marshmallows on sticks for you all.

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