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Frankie Roberto

This sentance starts as if there's going to be a 'but', which never arrives. What are 'vegequariums' (I'm guessing a vegatarian who eats fish, but I've never heard this before)? And why is this in brackets? Also the last parenthesis seems to span sentances. Come to look at it the whole paragraph seems a bit confusing.

"For example you may think you have played safe with a prawn cocktail (for the vegequariums), a nice gratin for the main course (only you didn't use vegetarian cheese and animal rennet was used to solidify it), followed by ice cream and jelly (ice cream may be out if the guest is actually vegan unless you have used a soya-based product of a non-diary glaze. As for the jelly, gelatine comes from animals)."

Sorry to be picky...

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confusing sentance

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