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ismarah - fuelled by M&Ms

Really- there is an error in there!
It has to do with the Valkyries- they didn´t choose who died in battle: Urdur, Verdandi and Skuld did that. The Vlkyries carried the fallen, who were worthy, off to Valhalla, but they didn't decide who died, and who survived. And dying in battle was to be sought-after, since then you could go to Valhalla, whereas if you died in bed from a pest, you'd never go.
Another thing this entry misses, is Hel's boat, which will sail out when Ragnarok happens, fight against the Aesir and destroy the world.

An Error

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Thank you for your constructive comments on the *quality* of this Entry(!)

Maybe the reason why this Entry 'misses' such details is because it was originally called a Summary, as I have pointed out *countless* times on the other threads.

Thank you again.

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