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As a lefty, I have noticed every household electrical appliance is designed for right-handed use! Think about it - washing machines, cookers, microwaves and the like are designed with their controls on the right hand side.

BUT surprise, surprise - computer keyboards are more user-friendly for lefties! Why? Because the layout is still based on the UNIVERSAL or QWERTY keyboard orginally designed to prevent typists typing so fast on manual typewriters that the type basket became blocked! So where does that leave us? With a keyboard where all the letters most used are on the left hand side of the keyboard! In theory, lefthanded touch typists should have greater command of the keyboard. OK, so the number pad is on the right, but touch typists still use the numbers on the top row!


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That's a very good point. Certainly I seem to be able to out-type most people I know, without ever having been taught typing properly. In general, though, I'm not known for my co-ordination!

I do find that most really important ordinary tools are available in a handedness-neutral form, such as double-sided potato peelers, but the tendency in higher tech goods is definitely against us. Time was when a camera was basically box-shaped, so even if the button was on the wrong side, at least one could hold the camera. Now, I have to search and search to find one I can operate at all, because they're "ergonomically" designed (not)!

I'm not sure about the stats at the top of the article, either. I understood left-handedness to be about 25% of the population and growing - not 10%.


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My worse problem has always been to get a decient kitchen knife. I struggled for years trying to peel and cut useing the blunt edge untill I was given a Kitchen Devil knife. They are brill. Everything was made a whole lot easier for me as they are sharpened on both edges. I would recommend anyone to try them


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Yes, I thought the incidence of left handedness much higher than 10% around one in six, which is 17%. I think most of us adapt to the right hand world and too much is made of left handedness. For instance potato peelers, RHDers pull the peeler towards them LHDers push it away, actually, less dangerous when you think about it! Also writing, that whole peculiar way they try to make you write is nonsense, if you saw a negative of me writing you couldn't tell I wasn't RHD. However, LHD things I can't do without are scissors, marvelous! No more jagged edges and, my guitar. Although Jimmi Hendrix, the greatest of them all, used a RHD guitar upside down. Perhaps I'm just not good enough. Did you also know that LHDers recognize other LHDers straight away while RHDers simply don't notice? This was demonstrated in part of a research project where students where shown a reverse print of Van Gogh's "The potato Eaters". They were asked "Do you notice anything odd about this picture?" Once an answer was given they were asked if the were LHD or RHD. 100% of the LHDers said, "They're all LHD". Of the RHDers only 5% noticed. Amongest the famous LHDers Bart Simpson has not been mentioned, a serious omission I think.


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Researcher 236285

You're right - we adapt pretty well to the righthanded world. Cameras can be a prblem - but video recorders are even worse but I haven't explored them fully yet.

As for the stats, I amuse myself counting lefthanders whilst invigilating GCSE exams (so 15-16 years olds) - in just over 100 pupils, there's usually about 12 - 15, perhaps higher than 10% but not as high as 17%.

It's interesting that although I write with my lefthand, my mother (RH) taught me to handsew with a needle using my right hand many years ago. As a result, a needle in my left hand feels as useless as a pen in my right!


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Some words, like "tesseract" can be typed using entirely the left hand.


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Researcher 236312

There were these three tesseracts sat ... oh I give up!


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There was a cat card sat a tesseract verse words

Well there are some words, I was trying to make a sentence but that didn't really work out. smiley - sadface


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I totally agree! I am of course also left-handed, and have often been bullied for it, for being 'weird'. But I think that perhaps the point about right handers living longer than left handers isn't correct. Just using the Beatles for example: John and George were right handed, but where are they? Ringo and Paul on the other hand (ha ha!) are left handed. Although this also proves that left handers are almost forced into being right handed, Ringo was taught the drums as a right hander.

But I too have been taught many things right handed and often got left behind at school because I tried to teach myself how to do what I'd just learned, with my left hand.

I also think it's true that left handers are creativly and intellectually more superior too. My IQ is 159.

For goodness sake, the Victorian era ended over 100 years ago!!

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