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Inverted Solipsist

I think I'm somewhere on the line between being right-handed and ambidexterous. Wrting is the only thing I really can't do with my left hand, and there are some things I have always done left-handed. Also, I am left-eyed and left-footed, traits normally associated with left-handers. Also oddly, I have always used the "hooked" writing style associated with lefties, even though I have always written with my right hand.

I am trying to become ambidexterous and have been practicing using my left hand more, especially for writing.

Also, you might be interested in my H2G2 handedness register at A111870. Please sign up.

Slightly Unusual Handedness

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Researcher 236375

I am a fifty year old business woman, and consider myself ambidextrous. I have always written with my left hand instinctively but can write legibly with my right hand, usually to prove the point that it is possible. This was particularly helpful around the age of 13 when I sprained my left wrist and just changed to my other hand at school. I haven't experienced any discrimination during my life except for once at school, my Domestic Science (Cookery) teacher asked for volunteers to use a balloon whisk in a demonstration. Having put my hand up she looked at me and said 'you can't do it you're left handed'. As a balloon whisk is "handless" the point was? But the memory still rankles. I am not left handed in any other activity, from sport to sewing, and among my friends and family this has always been thought as unusal. I wonder how many others there are like me.

Slightly Unusual Handedness

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Hi, im naturally left-handed but i feel that i have been forced to become ambidextrous because of the need to use right-handed items, in my home i am the only left-handed person as i inherited my left-handedness from my nan (as it is known to pass down the mother line) so i dont have the use of left handed items like scissors, rulers and i even annoy my sister because after i have been on the computer i leave the mouse on the wrong side because i find it easier to use with my left hand but i am put off buying left-handed items because of the expence. i know im not the only one with this and similar problems, so i think it would be better if left-handed items cost the same amount as right-handed items, it not as though they use more materials!! also the whole thing about left-handers being evil because the devil was, i think is stupid because wasnt the devil supposed to have the hands and feet of a goat, so how would they be able to tell, and if the devils left-handed whos to say god isnt either!!!!!

Slightly Unusual Handedness

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Inverted Solipsist

"wasnt the devil supposed to have the hands and feet of a goat"

I think somewhere in the Bible, Satan is described as a seven-headed dragon, but I don't remember where.

Slightly Unusual Handedness

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yeah...I'm righthanded (although I'm working on learning to use my lefthand too), but I favour my left leg, left eye, left ear...

my poor left hand feels left out...smiley - blue
'sides...left handedness is cooler than right handedness.smiley - cool

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