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Advantages of left handedness

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I have never found my left handedness to be a disability, quite to the contrary, in fact. I am a far more difficult opponent in any sport involving a bat or racket than any right handed player of a similar skill. Also I find that I have been able to adapt to living in a right handed world to my benefit, for example I am able to operate my computer mouse right handed while performing, simultaneously, and with incredible accuracy; any number of tasks such as writing, typing, eating, drinking etc with my left hand. So my message to the world on behalf of all "poor" left handers is that; not only are we equal to the right handers out there, we are better in a many areas too!

Advantages of left handedness

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I have to say that I do just about the opposite of DrNog. I too am left-handed, but play most sports right-handed. I use my computer mouse left-handed, and have ordered from IBM USA a left-handed keyboard (which cost a fortune!). The numeric keypad is on the left!
I write with my left-hand, although the rest of my family are all right-handed, and to a degree I can write reasonably well right-handed, having been taught, until my parents realised that I was left-handed to use my right-hand.
There is a shop in Nottingham called 'Anything Left-Handed', who do all sorts od pieces for left-handers.

However though, I am the most artistic in the house, which is a trait of left-handers being more artistic!

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Advantages of left handedness

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