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Getting to Skomer

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MonkeyS- all revved up with no place to go

Why does the sea get disturbed? Surely being that close to Wales isn't the cause? I mean, I went there once and I was fine. Well, ok, I got a little anxious, but I wouldn't go so far as to say I was disturbed..... smiley - biggrin

Getting to Skomer

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Pheroneous II

Because the sound between the island and the mainland is fairly narrow, the tides can cause white water races there even on fairly calm days.

I suppose there must be many tens of words available to describe a rough sea. I wanted a word to encompass them all, and was pleased with 'disturbed', because it gives the sea a human/animal quality. The disturbance may lead to a flash of temper or anger. Take care.

I have never felt more or less anxious or disturbed in Wales than anywhere else.

Don't worry so much, it's only words, and words are all I have.....

Thanks a lot for reading

Getting to Skomer

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MonkeyS- all revved up with no place to go

No, you are right, the word 'disturbed' perfectly reflects the sea's ability to change at a moments notice. I was being flippant, as is my wont. Well done on the piece, it did make very good and interesting reading.

"it's only words, and words are all I have.."

I do hope you aren't alluding to that dreadful cover version by Boyzone... I shall have to dock you ten points!! smiley - laugh

Getting to Skomer

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Pheroneous II

Boyzwho? No sir88, far too modern and up to date for me I am afraid. It is a refrain from that popular down-under beat combo the Bee Gees. I therefore claim all 10 points. I thank you.

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