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Bus & emergency lane

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Too many roads are not wide enough to put in two bus lanes, as a result, many towns and cities are resorting to puting just one bus lane so that buses travelling from one direction has a bus lane but not the returning direction ! This is very inefficient use of a road. It is also very bad for bus users. In reality, in almost every road, only one central bus lane is required. This is because a bus need to use the bus lane only when it needs to travel faster than the rest of the traffic. Furthermore, the central bus lanes can be used for emergency vehicles and other traffic contingencies. One might object horried (1) Wouldn't this be dangerous for buses travelling in both directions to use the same lane? (2) Buses would weave in and out of bus lanes causing further danger? (3) What happens when buses need to board and stop for passengers?. Well, I'll leave to objections to the rest of you. I believe I have a good answer for every objection of an engineering nature.

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Bus & emergency lane

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