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Frankie Roberto

...I've been pronouncing ciabatta wrong for ages.

In that case...

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And I've been getting conchiglie and tagliatelle wrong.

In that case...

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Me too, but I always was a terrible cook.

*cue big band for comedy sting*

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What about bolognaise? I suspect that that isn't an actual Italian word, given how odd the pronounciation would be.

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Bolognaise with that spelling is not Italian - I think it should be Bolognese (bol-o-nyaisy) as in from Bologna.

Although I'm not sure this actually exists as a dish in Italy - can anyone confirm / deny?

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Yes, it seems more of a French ending. I don't know about Italy, but they don't seem to have heard of it in Canada.

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Researcher 188797

Spaghetti bolognaise or, as it would be, bolognese, doesn't really exist in Italy - even in Bologna as far as I know. The generic name for this kind of meaty sauce would be ragu'. I wonder why it ended up being associated with Bologna though...

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Peaceful Dragon (napping)

Ciao a tutti! Living about an hour from Bologna I think I can answer that one for you! Yes, the 'salsa bolognese' *is* from Bologna. Many of the famous Italian dishes have names from the region or province in which they originated, as with the 'bistecca fiorentina', for instance. Italy is a very young nation - and the sense of being a part of your region or even province as if it still was a little kingdom in feud with the neighbours is still strong. Giving placenames to dishes indicating their origin is a way of showing this pride in your home place, especially to foreigners! Can't leave them ignorant to the fact that *this* particular dish is *local* (i.e. better than the neighbours'). Among themselves the Italians call the dish simply rag├╣ these days, and maybe the next generation will forget the name 'salsa bolognese' alltogether...

Yes, it's hard to try and explain in English how letters are pronounced in Italian - or in any other language, for that matter. Take my name - Leeneh - for instance. I think most of you can pronounce it the way it is supposed to be pronounced, and that's the reason why I spell it this way and not the way it's *really* spellt! Not that I will ever hear you pronounce it in either way, but knowing how you'd form the letters of the *real* version into syllables in your minds makes me wince! ;-D

Oh, by the way, it's not an Italian name, and I am not Italian either! I just happen to live here!


In that case...

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The proper pronounciation of bolognese would be bol-o-nye-se or something like that. The important part is that '-gnese' is pronounced '-nyese', where the e's are pronounced like eh or e in 'men'. I wonder why nobody has ever corrected that one yet smiley - smiley

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